A Complete Guide to Garden Tool Storage

garden tool storage

Gardening is a peaceful hobby for many individuals. It can be an art form, a way to unwind, a creative outlet, and even has several wonderful health benefits. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 117 million people partake in gardening. Studies have shown that gardening can reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and tiredness, as well as raise an individual’s psychological wellbeing, life satisfaction, cognitive function, and sense of community. 

However, the peaceful art of gardening can be quickly disrupted by an unorganized area. Scattered tools, limited space, and a lapse in creativity can begin to ruin the experience. Read on for a complete guide for garden tool storage!

Garden Tool Storage Sheds are Quite Useful. Here’s Why

The simplest way to store your garden tools is in a shed for a variety of reasons

They Help You Declutter 

Sheds can prevent your gardening tools from getting mixed up with all the miscellaneous items in your garage. Plus, your gardening tools may be dirty after an afternoon’s work, making them an undesirable item to have in your garage near your cars and other items. The extra space the shed provides is an easy way to declutter quickly and keep all your outdoor items in one spot. 

They Help Your Backyard Stay Organized 

So you spent all this time gardening, and the result is lovely. The flowers are effervescent and bright, the tomato plants are sprouting joyously, and the trees provide the perfect amount of shade for a truly ethereal backyard. This idyllic image can be quickly squandered by spare shovels, hand rakes, trowels, buckets, and transport tools scattered around your yard. A handy garden tool storage shed would allow you to store your tools quickly and restore the pristine condition of your lawn.

They Protect Your Items

Sheds can be useful to store bikes and sporting equipment, as well as your gardening tools, so be sure to keep it locked and safe from thieves. Sheds can also safeguard your items from harsh weather conditions and keep them off the ground, ensuring the longevity of your gardening tools. Storing your tools in a shed can also protect them from nagging pests, helping to protect the health of your garden.

They Provide Hidden Shelf Space

If you’re an avid gardener with a variety of plants to tend for, you probably have a lot of equipment. Sheds provide not only space on the ground, but on every wall for your gardening tools. Hang an old rake on the wall with smaller tools off of it to conserve space, or attach shelves along your shed walls to keep the space open and ultra-organized. 

Garden Tool Storage Ideas For Those Without a Shed

As great as sheds are for garden tool storage, they are not a realistic option for everyone. Maybe your yard is too small for a shed, maybe your HOA won’t allow one, or maybe you hate the way they look and would rather hide your tools behind your widest tree. If this is the case, we’ve got you covered. Here are some DIY Garden tool storage ideas to blend in with your backyard and protect your tools from being left out in the cold. 

Hidden Storage Benches

Hidden storage benches will be your best friend if you are trying to make the most of a small gardening space. They easily conceal eyesore tools, such as hoses and shovels. At the same time, these frequently-used tools are in a convenient and easy-to-get-to spot. It’s a win-win! Hidden storage benches can be found online or in-store, or you can build one. Check out this guide to assemble your own hidden storage bench. 

Old Mailboxes

Old mailboxes are a charming and delightfully sneaky way to store your smaller gardening tools. Simply take the mailbox and put it in your garage, office, entryway closet, or laundry room! For all the creatives out there, you could even paint the mailbox to blend in with the surrounding environment, or devise a design for a whimsical flourish. We recommend adding a label to tell you what’s inside on the door as well. 

Sand-Filled Pots

If you’re aiming for a charming, cottage-like aesthetic, try placing your gardening tools in pots filled with sand. This is functional, design-oriented, and convenient. Not only that, the sand will help keep the blades dry and clean! 

Outdoor Shelves

If you’re searching for a more modern and sleek aesthetic, try minimalistic outdoor shelves. Galvanized shelves are weather-resistant, and can be an industrial-chic addition to your space. However, the organization of the shelves affect the overall look, and your tools are not protected from severe weather. This is a better solution for those who live in sunnier states.

Potting Bench Area

Gardeners know that having all your tools for a project in one place saves time and frustration. You can store all the essentials in one accessible spot: bags of soil, fertilizer, seeds, watering cans, and more. Creating a potting bench area supplied with all the tools you need is a sure way to save time and energy.

We have even more ideas for creative storage solutions for your home as well! Read our blog here to learn more!

Thanks for reading! For all the gardeners out there, we wish you a flourishing planting season. We at Albuquerque Self Storage are here to help you out with all your self storage needs. If you are interested in renting a storage unit, click here!


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