Wedding Dress Storage Part 1: Before the Big Day

wedding dress storage

So you’ve finally found it: the dress you’ll walk down the aisle in, the dress you’ll wear in pictures you’ll treasure for years to come, the dress you’ll be wearing when your life changes, forever. It’s a big deal, to say the least! That’s why we at Albuquerque Self Storage are here to help ensure that your wedding gown stays in absolutely perfect condition leading up to the day of your vows. Keep reading for all of our super- important details about wedding dress storage (before the big day)!

Wedding Dress Storage Rule Number 1: Listen to the Experts

First things first: the instructions that come with your gown and the experts working at bridal boutiques and salons are going to have the best idea how to care for your dress. Be sure to ask them for their advice before you take home your gown and throw it in a plastic bag (p.s. NEVER put your dress in a plastic bag; keep reading for why). 

Use Cloth Bags, Never Plastic

wedding dress storage

Storing your gown in a plastic bag does not allow the fabric to breathe, which can lead to chemicals breaking down and gasses being emitted. When this happens, your wedding dress can be stained and ruined. Plastic also doesn’t breathe, which means moisture will not dry. Why is this a bad thing? Three words: odor and mold. In short, let your dress breathe! 

It is best to store this monumental dress in breathable, cloth bags. Storing your dress in a bag also protects it from any unwanted dirt or dust. Most bridal stores will give you a bag of this type when you go to pick up your dress, but be sure to invest in one (or ask for one) if they do not.

Wedding Dress Storage: DIY Cloth Bags

If you don’t have a cloth garment bag (or don’t want to buy one), you can always take a white queen- size sheet, cut a hole through the middle of it (the hanger will go here), and cover the entirety of your dress this way. A homemade sheet is better than plastic, and will not suffocate your gown. 

Closet Storage

Ideally, your dress should be stored in a dark and dry closet, in a cloth garment bag, without touching the floor. This will ensure the shape of the skirt remains intact, without any unpleasant folds or creases. You may not have to steam it before storing it; if your dress has been altered or tailored in any way, the seamstress most likely steamed it before you picked it up. Don’t cause unnecessary wrinkles by hanging it in a closet that is too short. 

If you have a closet tall enough to store your dress, you may want to consider removing any other  clothing around it. Your other clothes can affect the scent of your gown when stored together for a long period of time. 

Also, be sure to utilize the hanger straps. Forgetting to do this can stretch the bodice fabric and ruin the shape of your gown. 

You could store your dress in a spare room closet! Check out our article on reinventing the spare room for even more storage tips. 

Avoid the Attic (and the Basement)

According to executive director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Sally Conant, you should store your gown in a place that you would be comfortable temperature and humidity- wise. The ideal environment is cool, dry, and dark, with humidity around 50%. Attics are way too warm for your dress, and basements are humid, often have insects, and have a higher  risk of flooding. 

Check out five more storage mistakes to avoid here!

Consider the Dress Weight

Consider the weight of your dress before you hang it in a closet and leave it there for three months. If you have an ornate, beaded gown or one made with heavier materials or a full skirt, it is best stored laying down, not hanging up. Hanging heavy gowns can cause the fabric to stretch and may ruin the fit!

Run From the Sun

Even if the sun shines in on your ivory gown and it glows like a scene from a movie, it’s not a smart wedding dress storage move. Too much sun exposure can fade or yellow your dress and damage the fabric. Keep your dress in a dark place to keep it in its original condition. 

Thanks for reading! We at Albuquerque Self Storage wish you a lovely wedding day and a bright future. Be sure to check out part two of this blog for wedding dress storage tips after the big day. And if you need extra storage space, consider renting a storage unit from us. Click here for more information!

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