How Secure Self Storage Can Improve Your Life

Secure self storage

Secure self storage can keep your items safe from theft, protect your business, and help you downsize. Decluttering your home is one of the best ways to keep your items safe and secure from home invasions and prevent property damage. However, there are many situations where you need to store things away that are unused, especially if you’re not ready to part with those items. Secure self storage is a fantastic way to help you hang on to things you care about and keep them safe.

Using Secure Self Storage to Prevent Theft

Security is crucial to keeping your items safe. Many people worry about their belongings when they can’t directly access them, but using Secure self storage will keep them safe from theft because most self-storage units are designed to keep unwanted intruders out. The following are ways that you can keep your storage unit safe:

  • Invest in a good lock to keep your items under the best security possible
  • Don’t trust anyone else with your key or your passcode to your storage unit. Many times, Items are taken by someone who the owner knows
  • Keep track of the items in your storage unit to ensure that nothing goes missing
  • Keep insurance on the items in your storage unit to ensure that any missing items will be compensated. However, it is unlikely the items will disappear from your storage unit
  • Be wary of who knows about your unit, as many thefts are not random acts

Applying the techniques above will significantly improve your odds of preventing theft. Additionally, Secure self storage units come with video surveillance to further increase the safety of your items. 

Keep Your Items Safe from Accidents

Keeping unused items in your home can make them susceptible to accidents. When you store your items in a storage unit, you ensure that everything inside is safe from harm. This is especially useful for fragile items or technology. The following tips are several ways that you can keep your belongings (both big and small) safe from environmental damage when they’re not in use by keeping them in a Secure self storage unit.

Any home with people coming in and out, animals, or children runs the risk of damaged items. However, if you keep unused items in a storage unit, you significantly reduce the risk of those items becoming damaged.

Furniture & Decor

Keeping unused furniture in a self-storage unit is a fantastic way to protect it from daily life, especially if you have pets or children. When you keep your items in a Secure self storage unit, you don’t have to worry about anything in contact with the furniture.

Keeping decorations in a self-storage unit is an excellent way to keep them safe from breaking or tearing. However, decorations like wedding decorations or holiday decorations can be susceptible to damage when you keep them in your home.

Collectibles are excellent for keeping in a self-storage unit because damage to collectibles can cause severe financial damage to you if you plan on selling the collection. In addition, when you keep collectibles in a self-storage unit, you avoid the risk of them breaking from active items in their environment.


Keeping new technology such as computers, TVs, and audio systems in a storage unit is a great way to keep them safe from water or environmental damage. If you have any technology you’re not actively using, it would be best to keep it in a Secure self storage unit where you don’t have to worry about encountering dangerous situations that can damage the technology.


You can keep a vehicle and a Secure self storage unit to keep it safe from weather damage or sun bleaching. Self-storage units are excellent for keeping your vehicle safe from the elements.

Use Secure Self Storage to Declutter Your House

When you live somewhere for a while, your items start stacking up and start making your environment uncomfortable. A Secure self storage unit is a fantastic way to declutter your home without removing items you care about. This method can help you hang on to items while deciding which items you want to keep and which ones you’re ready to part with. Contact us today to declutter your home.

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