How to Safely Store Electronics in a Public Storage Unit

When you use a public storage unit, you might have some concerns about safely storing your electronics. You should never just put your electronics straight in your storage unit without thinking about them because this could cause damage. Instead, take the proper measures to ensure that your devices stay safe in storage so that you don’t have to waste money on replacements.

Please continue reading to learn the best tips we have when it comes to storing away your electronics and when to use them.

Take Any Batteries Out of Your Stored Devices

When you store away any electronics or devices, you need to remove the batteries beforehand, or you risk your devices never coming on again. Batteries can deplete even when you’re not using your devices; if they deplete too far, you can’t charge them back up. Batteries are also sensitive to weather conditions and could stop working if you keep them in climates that are too hot or too cold within a public storage unit that doesn’t have climate control.

Clean Your Electronics Before You Store Them 

Dust and debris from long-term storage can ruin your devices, and cleaning them before you store them away is an excellent way to prevent this problem. For example, it would be an excellent idea to brush out all of your air vents and wipe down your screens before storing your devices in a public storage unit for a while.

If you plan on storing your electrical devices for a while, you should stock up on canned air to make cleaning easier. Using a can of air to get through all the nooks and crannies of your electronics is an excellent way to keep your stuff working after months of storage. 

Protect Your Sensitive Information

Unfortunately, when you keep your devices in a Public Storage unit, there is a chance of someone stealing them. That’s why you should wipe your devices or protect them with passcodes before storing them away. You could risk losing your identity or banking information if someone steals your electronics with your personal information.

It would be ideal for you to put password protections and two-step verifications on all your accounts on your devices before storing them. This method is an excellent preventative measure to stop thieves from taking more than just the electronics.

Keep all Cooling Vents and Screens Covered

If sunlight hits your screen wrong or an item bumps into it, it could easily be damaged. In addition, screens are made from glass; your device won’t work well without your screen, so you must keep it protected. Purchasing a screen cover for your devices before storing them in a public storage unit is the best way to ensure they stay safe from sun damage or bumps at night.

It would help if you also covered up the vents on your electronics because too much dust buildup will cause your devices to overheat. Machines need proper airflow to stay in optimal condition, and your vents are the airway for that.

Wrap Your Items to Prevent Damage

Bubble wrap is an excellent tool whenever you use a public storage unit because people can get careless when they store things away. When you wrap your devices in bubble wrap before you store them, you prevent fall damage, dust getting trapped, and sunlight damage. When you use a storage unit, you should stock up on bubble wrap because you never know when you need it.

Fortunately, bubble wrap is an extremely affordable storage solution you can find at any large retailer or online. This fact means you can get bubble wrap last minute even if you don’t plan your self-storage.

Choose a Reputable Public Storage Unit

Electronics are expensive, so you must pick a secure self-storage solution when you need to put them away for a while. When you choose a reputable Public Storage unit for your storage solutions, you ensure that your property stays in safe hands. 

Albuquerque Self Storage can help you with any storage solutions and questions you have for us. Contact us today at (505) 294-8884 to discuss the best public storage unit for your devices and how we can accommodate your needs. 

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