How To Organize A Pantry

You need a pantry to stock up on extra supplies, especially in winter, so they only take up a little space. However, every house has a different pantry area. While some houses have a large pantry cabinet or small rooms reserved for the pantry, some people may build their own by separating some of the drawers to serve this function or simply calling a section of shelves a pantry.

How to Organize A Pantry

The pantry layout is the backbone of your kitchen. It is optional to allocate ample space for your pantry. However, it should be organized to make your kitchen look tidy and easy to use. The important thing is to use your space most efficiently. 

Kitchen pantry designs should be prepared using functional cabinets to offer orderly and ample storage space. You can create a functional space if you organize the pantry correctly. So, how should you organize a pantry?

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Empty the Pantry

It is beneficial when you know what you have precisely to organize. Therefore, as the first step, clear out your pantry entirely and check every item’s expiration date. After throwing away expired supplies, you can start assigning pantry storage containers to what is left according to your categorization. You can find more pantry organization ideas here

Step 2: Clean the Pantry

Shelves of your pantry, the canned foods, and the pantry storage containers can get dusty quickly. Therefore, after clearing out everything, you should clean the pantry with disinfectant cleaning supplies. You will want to store your food in an organized space, but it should also be clean. 

Step 3: Use Transparent Pantry Storage Containers

Avoiding using busy packaging will make your job easier and your pantry look aesthetic. Try to use transparent pantry storage containers to see your supplies. You can get rid of the plastic bags and cardboard boxes and use transparent pantry storage containers to keep your pantry looking cohesive. You can look at the best storage boxes for long-term storage, here.  

In addition, you can label your pantry storage containers to make everything clear for each household member. As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, if you are one of many using the pantry, everyone must know how to use it. Here are some categories to store that you can use pantry storage containers:

Kitchen Gadgets

Pantry storage containers can save you when it comes to organizing a pantry. You can place heavy and oversized kitchen appliances which take up large spaces, such as food processors, toasters, juicers, and mixers, on pantry storage containers; so that you can carry them to the counter by pulling them out with pantry storage containers.  

You can also find appropriate-sized pantry storage containers for the small parts of the kitchen gadgets mentioned above. This way, you can have them at hand when you need them, which will earn you time compared to a messy kitchen. You can look at small kitchen storage ideas to maximize your space here.

Canning Jars and Bottles

Jars and bottles may be the most difficult items to store in an organized way. Thanks to pantry storage containers, you can group and place them safely. You can also create in-groups to categorize them. 

Small Pantry Housewife, Containing Necessary To Cook

Step 4: Place Pantry Storage Containers in the Pantry

You have cleared out your pantry, cleaned it, and used pantry storage containers for your supplies. Now it is time to place everything back in the pantry. We can provide some tips for you to follow while doing so. 

Group Your Pantry Storage Containers

While organizing your pantry, it is wise to group your storage containers so that you can find anything fast and easily. You can create categories such as healthy food, junk food, supplies for breakfast or dinner, dry and wet ingredients, or snacks for the kids. 

Make Your Pantry Kid-Safe

If you have kids, there are some things that you should be careful about. You may want to store junk food at a certain height to prevent them from sneaking around for them. At the same time, you can keep healthy snacks on the shelves below. You can find more insights into organizing your pantry here.

Last Words on How To Organize a Pantry

An organized pantry is essential to use your time and effort efficiently in the kitchen. During the organizing process, pantry storage containers will be your significant helpers. If it is time to get organized in a more extensive scope, you should check out our storage units!

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