How To Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Storage Unit

You can encounter tiny insects known as bed bugs on your bed, clothes, and other possessions. They build their nests in your belongings, making you feel uneasy and annoyed. However, no one wants bed bugs, especially in their storage unit, because they will be challenging to detect if you do not visit the storage unit regularly, which is natural. 

Therefore, a bed bug infestation may be the worst when renting a storage unit while moving out or traveling. Fortunately, there are some precautions to prevent an infestation and steps to follow to get rid of them when they are already in your storage unit. The solution is plastic storage units! 

How to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Storage Unit

When storing items in a storage unit for an extended time, bed bugs can be one of the things you are most concerned about. Therefore, you may want to take precautions to keep them out of your storage unit. Fortunately, it’s unlikely that the storage unit will transmit bed bugs to you, especially if it’s a high-quality, contemporary facility, just like the ones that Albuquerque Self Storage offers. 

It is possible to keep bed bugs out of your storage unit, especially when you use plastic storage bins. Of course, there are more steps to follow. Let’s explore how and what you can do.

1. Disinfect

Moving your stuff to a storage unit without laundering them may be a mistake and asking for trouble. To keep bed bugs out of your storage unit, you should inspect and disinfect your clothes and furniture, which will help you decrease the odds of encountering bed bugs in your storage unit significantly.

2. Choose Airtight Packaging

To hold off the bed bugs, you should give them no way to get your belongings. Airtight, vacuum-sealed, and zip-lock packaging are good choices to keep bed bugs out of your storage unit. Therefore, plastic storage bins can be your best friend to protect your stuff from bed bugs. 

3. Categorize Your Belongings

Thinking ahead while storing your stuff in a storage unit is always better. If a bed bug infestation happens, you will not want them to spread over your belongings. Therefore, you should sort them into categories according to their type and owners and pack them separately before moving them to the storage unit. You can read more about how to prevent bed bugs from spreading here.

4. Use Plastic Storage Bins

A reliable packaging system will minimize the risk of getting bed bugs into your belongings. This is where plastic storage bins kick in. They will prevent bed bugs from reaching your stuff. You should be sure that they are clean before you use them. Also, putting some non-toxic repellents into and around the plastic storage bins will do the best. 

5. Keep the Plastic Storage Bins Closed

Unpacking the bins while moving or in the storage unit may cause bed bugs to reach your goods. Therefore, you should avoid opening the plastic storage bins after they are closed and ready to go. You can read more about how to pack for a storage unit here.

6. Ditch Perishables

Packing perishables, such as food, is an invitation for bed bugs. Therefore, it is best to keep them away from storage units for better hygiene. You can find out more things you should never put in self-storage here.

7. See the Storage Unit in Advance

When you are sure that your belongings are clean and bed-bug-free, it is essential to make sure that the storage unit you will use is clean and bed-bug-free, too. If there are already bed bugs in the storage unit, it may become a complicated situation to handle afterward. You can learn more about what to consider when picking a storage unit here.

8. If You’ve Already Got Bed Bugs

If you notice a bed bug infestation in your storage unit, contact the facility for pest control. They should immediately isolate the contaminated area. Ideally, the storage facility should have regular pest control to take precedence over situations like these.

Last words on how to keep bed bugs out of your storage unit

Taking the necessary hygiene precautions and preferring solid plastic storage bins are the key steps to keep bed bugs out of your storage unit. We suggest you examine the offerings of Albuquerque Self Storage, which is conscious of every practice to keep bed bugs out of your storage unit. 

Visit or call us to store your belongings in a safe, clean, and secure environment. If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them anytime. 

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