Storing Your Faux Christmas Tree

As we have just celebrated a new year, it is highly likely for most people that the Christmas decorations must be all over the house, including the Christmas tree. However, it’s essential to make sure that you store your faux Christmas tree properly to ensure that it is safe and secure for next year. Albuquerque Self Storage offers the best storage options, including storage units and storage bags that protect the tree from dust and dirt or getting damaged or crushed. 

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Storing Your Faux Christmas Tree

Investing in a quality storage bag for your faux Christmas tree is an easy way to ensure you can enjoy your decorations year after year. Not only will it help keep your tree safe during the off-season, but it will also make setup and takedown easier and faster than ever before. Let’s look at the steps to store your faux Christmas tree in a storage bag. 

Take Down the Decorations

Christmas is over, and it’s time to take down the decorations from your Christmas tree. But don’t just throw them away – store them properly in a storage bag so you can use them again next year. Storing your decorations properly will help keep them safe and secure and make sure they are ready for next year’s festivities. 

With the right storage bag, you can keep your decorations organized and in one place for easy access when needed. So make sure to invest in a quality storage bag that will help you protect your decorations for years to come!

Wipe Off the Branches

As with the rest of the decorations, the branches of your faux Christmas tree could have collected dust over the holiday time. Therefore, remember that you can look at the branches before disassembling them and wipe them off while you are already cleaning the house. 

If you are up for using soap and water within a spray bottle, you should remove the lights beforehand. Then, you should pay attention to rinsing them properly by using the shower head. If you also want to clean the light bulbs with the branches, you can prefer a microfiber cloth to remove the dust gently.

Disassemble the Tree

After cleaning the tree, you should remove all the light bulbs, ornaments, and other decoration pieces. It is common to feel easier to store the faux Christmas tree the way it is. However, this can mean you can find many broken ornaments and a deformed Christmas tree next year. 

Therefore, sorting out the branches, ornaments, light bulbs, and other decoration items and putting them in separate storage bags will do the best to keep them safe and use them again.

After removing the decorations and ensuring the tree is unplugged, you can start disassembling the tree’s branches. You can refer to the instructions if you have a full-size faux Christmas tree. 

Use a Storage Bag

There is a better way to store your faux Christmas tree rather than putting it inside the original cardboard box: Using a storage bag. As the faux Christmas trees become fluffy while being displayed over the holiday season, trying to force them into the box will disfigure the trees. Therefore, you only need a good-quality storage bag to store your faux Christmas tree securely. 

Cardboard boxes will not protect your tree from moisture, dust, or mold, which may change the tree’s color from green to yellow. Therefore, you may not be using the same Christmas tree next year. You can click here to see how we stop mold from getting into our storage units.

How to Choose a Storage Bag for a Faux Christmas Tree

You prefer a storage bag made from high-quality materials such as polyester to protect your faux Christmas tree from damage. Considering your needs, you can determine the correct storage bag for your faux Christmas tree. If you have a full-size Christmas tree, you may prefer an upright storage bag. 

Keep It in a Storage Unit

You have packaged your faux Christmas tree, but it is also important where you will store it. Placing the packaged Christmas tree in a storage unit will do the job. You can pay attention to the storage unit’s temperature and space. To read more about the uses of storage units, click here.

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