Small Closet, Big Ideas: How to Make Your Space Work for You

Here at Albuquerque Self Storage, we offer a wide array of self-storage options for the items you need kept out of your house. But we pride ourselves in assisting your everyday inside-the-home storage needs, too. 

Specifically, in this blog, we’ll help your small closets work to their fullest capacity. You’ve got ideas. We’ve got the tips and know-how.

Let’s walk through different closet storage ideas, find out which is best for you, and help you see these ideas to fruition.

Storage Closet Ideas: Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

We’ve all been there. Hanging on to that seventh-grade t-shirt that no longer fits and never sees the light of day. While we’re not suggesting you find new homes for fond memories, the best way to make a small closet work for you is to decide what to keep, donate, give away, or recycle.

Click the link above to read helpful tips on decluttering your closet.

I’ve Decluttered, What Comes Next? 

Now comes the fun part. Your closet, no matter the size, has potential beyond storing clothes and shoes. 

Let’s take a look at how to optimize your closet storage space.

Ditch the Wired Shelves

Many homes and apartments come with the basic, wired shelves. Most of the time, those wired shelves have brackets so large and bulky, you couldn’t add any shelves beneath it without wasting a ton of wall space. But what’s the point of that? A closet should create function rather than take away from it.

Swapping out those wired shelves for something more sturdy allows you to store heavier items, as well as keep things like shoes off the floor without sinking through the gaps between the wiring.

Customize Your Space 

This is your closet after all. And customizing your closet isn’t as difficult as may seem. 

Nowadays, so long as you have a measuring tape, you can pretty much achieve anything. Okay, anything related to being measured…

Start by measuring the length of your closet, height, and the depth.

Add shelves along the sides (where you measured for depth). You can either buy custom shelving units, or create your own. Remember when cutting, power-drilling, or anything involving power tools, be mindful of any and all safety regulations.

Be creative with the brackets you use to carry the shelves in your closet. Finding a bracket that has a rod attachment, allows you to both store heavy objects above, while providing a space to hang your clothes.

For items you may not need but once or twice a year, consider adding a higher shelf so as not to waste all of that space close to the ceiling. Just be sure to remember where you store that step-stool!  

Consider a Closet Organizer

A Closet Organizer might be right for you if you don’t quite have the eye for making the most out of your space. The downside is ensuring it will fit your space correctly, and you might pay a little extra than if you chose DIY route.

Speaking of organizers… Consider using an over the door shoe organizer to free up space inside your closet.

Closet Storage Ideas for More Than Just Clothes

Closet Storage Ideas: The Crafting Closet

Yarn storage organization textile hobby supplies contemporary cupboard shelves with decor pictures and lamp. 

A closet may be the perfect space for all of your crafting supplies. For some, a closet may serve as an actual crafting room. There are many different approaches when it comes to utilizing your closet space for all of the big ideas itching to get out of your head.

Here are a few ideas for all types of crafter spaces:

  • Take off the doors for easier access to your supplies
  • As previously stated, add shelving along the sides of your closet. Consider using decorative, fabric bins, or wooden crates for storage on these shelves.
  • Screw in a peg board to the back of your wall to hang ribbons, hats, cups of pens and pencils… Practically anything you can think of!

Closet Storage Ideas: The Home Office

Not every home has enough space to have a private bedroom, guest room, and a home office. Consider using your closet to create that room.

  • Take off the doors.
  • Add cabinets to the top, or use floating shelves for chic, yet functional open storage.
  • Create a built-in floating desk, or use filing cabinets, end tables, or small dressers to hold the desktop. 

Other Big Ideas for Your Small Closet

  • Use it as a vanity. Add lights and a mirror and you’ve got your own personal vanity!
  • Create a custom reading nook
  • Add shelves floor to ceiling for your own private library.

Final Thoughts

A small closet has as much potential for your big ideas as any other sized space. Whether you’re utilizing your closet for clothes and shoes, or if you’re considering a home office/crafting studio, when it comes to your space, the possibilities are nearly endless! And if you find you still want to hang onto those old t-shirts, or your favorite holiday sweater that comes out once a year, come see us at Albuquerque Self Storage today!

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