Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Here at Albuquerque Self Storage, we value the storage within the home as much as the storage opportunities we provide at our facilities. And when it comes to kids big and small, toddlers to teenagers, in-the-home storage is exactly what you need.

What toddler wants to dig out their favorite toys from a storage unit? Okay— that would be fun for them once. But certainly not long-term.

Soft Focus of a Two Years Old Child Choosing her own Dresses from Kids Cloth Rack

The Best Storage Ideas for Kids… Declutter

Kids outgrow their toys as easily as they outgrow their clothes. Take the time to sort through their toys and clothes, even involving them in the process!

If they’re young enough to enjoy a game, bring out a few boxes or trash bags. Have one for items they’d like to donate, one for items to throw away, and another for items they’d like to keep.

Since kids grow out their belongings rather quickly, chances are there are plenty of good things you could donate!

Creative and Functional Storage Ideas for Each Room

Whether you have a designated playroom for your kids, you’ll likely need storage for every room in the house. From bathrooms and bedrooms, to the equipment for your child’s tee-ball team in the garage, let’s break down our storage ideas for kids that fill the needs of all your rooms.

Storage Ideas for Kids: Playrooms

Regardless of the size of your child’s playroom, cubed shelves have gained popularity for a reason. These shelves come in many different sizes and varieties, and offer ease when it comes to sorting and storing toys, books, and even clothes!

Easy to store and easy to grab, which means even your toddler can help stow away their belongings at the end of the day. Line the walls with these cubed storage units, and start stacking away books and toys. For smaller toys like legos and building blocks, use a fabric bin.

Bonus tip with cube organizers: use cube shelves to create a child’s play table with extra storage. Using a 2-4 cube organizer as the base on either side, you can DIY your own play table for your child similar to this craft table (just not as tall).

Another great idea for storage in your child’s playroom is the simple string and clothespins. You can create a DIY art-hanging station by pinning either end of a piece of yarn to the wall. Clip up those pretty pictures your child makes so they’re not strewn all over the floor!

Bonus tip for wall storage: fix a pegboard to the wall to hang cups and bins for your child’s crafting supplies.

Storage Ideas for Kids: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Cubed storage organizers and bins can also work in the bedroom. While dressers provide a hidden function, open storage provides creative function. It can also provide ease when it comes to storing clothes. Instead of tediously folding your child’s clothes that will ultimately get tossed out as they search for their favorite pair of shorts, consider rolling up each piece of clothing and storing it in the open shelving.

Bonus tips:

  • While your child is small, use a clothes-rack and stool for clothes that need to be hung.
  • If you want extra storage built into your bed, check out our blog on How to Build a DIY Bedframe with Storage.

Consider adding floating shelves to keep books, toys, and pictures off the ground while keeping space below for the bed and other furniture. Floating shelves are a great way to bring function to your space while keeping a clean, sleek look. And for a child, it can be easy to grab what they need – from their favorite night-time story to their toothbrush – on a floating shelf placed at their height.

Specifically to the bathroom, consider purchasing an organizer for each area. Countertop storage provides a space for combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and more. While caddies designed specifically for bathtub toys can be hung over the door or suctioned to the tile of the bathtub wall.

Storage Ideas Kids: The Garage

This one can apply to all the toys we have in the garage for kids and adults alike: bikes, scooters, and sporting supplies.

  • Group like things and designate a space for each
    • Utilize your shelves for the smaller items that can’t be hung (pool and camping items, winter clothes, cleats and other dirty sportswear…)
    • Add corkboards to the walls with hooks to hang up scooters, helmets, baseball bats, etc.

Consider overhead storage for bikes. It’s pricey, but it can free up space below.

Storage Ideas Kids: Extra Tips

If your child is old enough for school, consider turning their closet into a functional workspace.

  • Take off the doors.
  • Add cabinets to the top, or use floating shelves for creative, yet functional open storage.
  • Create a built-in floating desk, or use filing cabinets, end tables, or small dressers to hold the desktop. 

In general, the best tip to keep your storage functional for you and your children is to regularly clean out and declutter. As your kids grow, so do they outgrow their possessions. Take the time to go through clothes and toys with your child to see what can be donated, thrown away, or kept to better maintain the function of your storage.

And if you need a little extra storage, come see us at Albuquerque Self Storage today!

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