Unique Holiday Storage Ideas: Tips for Organizing Your Decor

holiday storage

We’ve all been there. You’ve dragged out the box of ornaments from the garage, made the hot chocolate, queued up your favorite Christmas playlist, and somehow, miraculously, gotten your entire family into the living room at the same time. You open up the box, a familiar feeling of warmth washing over you as you reflect on past holidays, until you see it— your favorite ornament crushed at the bottom of a disorganized mess. We’re here to make sure this never happens to you again! We have some other useful holiday storage ideas to keep your decorations in beautiful condition. 

Don’t Crush Your Ornaments 

Many ornaments are quite fragile. Save them from being crushed with these clever hacks. 

Apple Containers & Egg Cartons

If you’re looking for holiday storage on a budget, this is a simple yet super effective hack. You can store your round glass ornaments in plastic apple containers to ensure they don’t break. For smaller round ornaments, use an empty egg carton for storage. Plus, these containers often take up less space than the original ornament boxes, and are easily stacked. 

Drink Carriers

Next time you go out on an office coffee run, save the drink carriers! These are great for storing unusually shaped ornaments, stack easily, and are meant to be carried; making them useful for those nights spent decorating the tree. 

Red Solo Cups

For those of you in a crafty mood, grab some plastic cups, strips of cardboard, a plastic container, and a glue gun. Measure the container, glue the cups to the cardboard, and then place your creation inside of the plastic bin. There you go— a handmade and affordable ornament storage box

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Save Yourself from the Untangling Blues

holiday storage

Untangling holiday lights, beads, and ribbons can put a serious damper on your holiday spirit. Save yourself from the frustration with these four tips and tricks. 

Handmade Cardboard Spools

If you’re looking for an affordable holiday storage method, create a custom spool out of cardboard. All you have to do is find a strip of cardboard and cut a slot out on each end, making an “H” shape on each end. Then, you simply wrap the lights around the cardboard several times, and tape the ends to the box. 

Light Storage You Can Buy

For those not in the mood for a crafty solution, there are plenty of options available online or in-store. Check out this holiday light storage bag and reels for a solution you can purchase. It’s the same idea as the previous solution, but in a prettier package. Either way, you can’t go wrong and you’ll never have the untangling blues again!

Tangle-Free Ribbons

This storage solution is so simple, you’ll be surprised you haven’t thought of it yourself! Find a small box with holes, and poke the ends of the used ribbons through the holes. The holes actually turn out to be perfect ribbon dispensers, ensuring continued organization for all your projects. 

Water Bottles & Beaded Garlands

Beaded garlands are a shiny and eye-catching addition to any holiday decor, but are notoriously challenging to untangle, and have a reputation of breaking apart easily.

Next time you find yourself about to throw away a plastic water bottle — don’t! Instead, use it to store those tricky beaded garlands. Simply drop them into a plastic bottle when you’re done, and they’ll be tangle-free the next time you need some holiday sparkle. 

Create an Organized Wrapping Station

Keeping your wrapping items organized is a must for your peace of mind. Don’t let all the tape, paper, ribbons, and bows consume your space. Here’s some tricks to keep your wrapping area as neat as can be. 

Wrapping Paper Bins 

All you need to keep your wrapping paper organized is a tall laundry basket or hamper, so the paper can stand up and remain wrinkle-free. Plus, this is a portable option, allowing you to wrap presents wherever you need.

Gift Bags and Tissue Paper

If you have the wall space, invest in a shelf with at least three hooks. Then, you can hang empty holiday bags and their corresponding tissue paper inside, keeping them out of your way and in good condition. For bags of varying sizes, use the three hooks correspondingly. Hang the small bags on the same hook, all the medium bags on another hook, and all the large bags on another for ultimate gift bag organization. 

Plastic Bins for Holiday Storage

Set all of your other supplies in clear plastic bins so you can easily see all of your items. Keep these organized by grouping together tools that will not tangle (don’t put the double-sided tape next to the ribbon basket). The containers will ensure that your table doesn’t turn into a chaotic mess.

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