A Smart Guide to Classroom Storage: Elementary School

classroom storage

It’s no secret that teachers are among the unsung heroes of the workforce; their jobs persist well beyond the last ring of the dismissal bell. They begin their mornings thinking about their classroom and students, they spend their days educating, influencing, and inspiring, and they spend their nights grading and focusing on the weeks ahead. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a lot to handle, and just like stress can, clutter can tend to pile up. We at Albuquerque Self Storage are here to help with just a small piece of the teaching puzzle: organization. Keep reading for a smart guide to classroom storage — elementary school edition.  

Classroom Storage: Colorful Crate Cubbies

This storage hack is easy, inexpensive, and cute! Head over to your local dollar store and get some colorful milk crates (one for each student). You can then stack them beside and on top of each other (zip tie the cubbies together for extra structural support), making a DIY cubby wall for the kids. Your students can design their own name tags to attach to their crate, turning this storage solution into a fun craft project. Now they have a consistent space to keep their belongings, reducing stress and keeping your classroom free of thrown-about backpacks and coats. 

Book Baskets

Ditch the dated way of storing books (stacked haphazardly on wooden shelves) and opt instead for colorful, labeled bins. Take a page out of Lessons With Laughter’s book and create engaging labels for easy browsing, like “mystery,” “Beverly Cleary,”and so on. Book bins will make it easy for your students to find exactly the type of book they’re in the mood for. 

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Reading Corner

Create a cozy reading corner near the book bins to encourage students to read! Stock it with bean bag chairs, large pillows, and a dim lamp to add some whimsical charm. 

Clear Containers

When it comes to math time, teachers know all the learning supplies for this subject can get strewn about quickly. Between plastic numbers, counters, paper clocks, cubes, foam pieces, calculators, dice, and so on, it’s clear that a strong classroom storage system needs to be put into place.

Look no further than stackable clear plastic bins! Place them on a sturdy shelf (or even on the ground for the youngest kids) with clear, large labels. This way, your students know exactly where to find their supplies, and where to put them back. 

Absent Crate

Kids are going to miss school from time to time — it’s just how it is. Don’t let an absence throw a wrench into your lesson plans; instead grab a crate, place dated folders inside the crate, and in each folder include the work a student may have missed on a given day, and written instructions for extra help. 

This method will reduce your students’ level of stress; they know exactly what to do if they miss a day. And you’ll know they’re caught up in terms of the lesson — it’s a win – win. 

Table Group Caddies 

classroom storage

Although it’s probably been a long time since you were in school, we’re sure you can remember the dreaded feeling of leaving an important supply at home. Eliminate this stressor by placing small, compartmental bins in the middle of each table group (this only works if the desks are arranged in groups facing each other). Stock the bin with pencils, pens, scissors, dry erase markers, rulers, or anything else you’ll need for that day’s lesson. 

Turn-in Tray

It’s easy for kids to lose things, especially when their backpacks are full of loose papers. Place a turn-in tray right by your classroom door and have the kiddos hand in their homework right as they enter the classroom every day to avoid the classic after-recess scramble. 

Are you or your students having trouble keeping track of everything? If so, check out our blog on solutions for finding lost items!

White Board Binder

Keep your bulletin board letters organized by investing in a binder with clear folders that open from the top. Use 26 clear folders (one for each letter of the alphabet) to keep track of every letter. This makes concepting and hanging your newest inspirational phrase easier than ever.

Thanks for reading! We at Albuquerque Self Storage wish you a happy and healthy school year. If you find yourself running out of classroom storage, consider renting a storage unit! Contact us here or give us a call at 505-431-6747. 

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